180 degrees protection

Anti-collasion, 180 degrees protection, when arm meets out-forces, it will reposition automatically, LED will flash and alarm noisy unitl out-forces disappeared


Anti-crush of 5 tons truck


Fully Alluminum alloy die-casting housing(5mm thickness)


Special Material Made Arm

Special material made arm, anti-corrosion, strong, durable, impact resistance, abrasive resistance, springy, anti-deformation 






Anti-Theft Design, Long range remote control




1. Functions & Features:
1. Energy-saving; the battery perform very good  and the power saved inside will last half a year.
2. Safe; the power connection is anti-disconnecting design in case that the user misplaces the battery causing short circuit; battery installation is easy.
3. Durable; the cabinet is made of die-casted Zinc alloy with high quality, and the maximum weight of load-bearing is 5 tons; the cabinet is coated with varnish, being water-proof and anti-rust in harsh weather. The sway arm is made of fiber-reinforced nylon, and it will not deform even after car crushing.
4. Hermetic; the cabinet is tightly closed, and Protection Grade is IP68. It is waterproof and dustproof. It can be used broadly.
5. Auto-repositioning; the external force could not change the sway arm position when it is vertical; when the sway arm is forced to a horizontal position, it will reposition vertically, unless the user uses remote control to put it horizontally.
6. Noise-free; bearing transmission design of the motor makes almost zero noise. It is beneficial for battery and motor longevity and lesser friction.
7. Burglarproof; the mounting bolts are placed inside of the cabinet. No one can open it without key.
8. Easy Installation: four prepared holes at the bottom of the cabinet makes it easy to install.


DC12, 7Ah
Running Time
Extended Height
Remote Distance
Working Temperature
Weight Born
IP Class


Specificatation details

1. Dimension: 550*120*100mm    Thickness: 3.5mm

2. Aluminum die-casting alloy can resist heavy car pressure.

3. Colorfast and ultraviolet-proof high hardness electrostatic spraying process is not debonded.

4. 3M warning reflective film is colorfast and not easy to be debonded.


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