High speed barrier with car plate recognition system

High speed servo barrier gate perfect fit with car plate recognitiion system


  • Long durable, life time more than 10 million time
  • Planet gear box, which is veryp precisely,  make it open and close very stable, No attenuation after long usage
  • Fast, fastest 0.6sec, 2sec for 6m arm open
  • Adjustable, speed can be adjsuted from 0.6sec to 6sec according to different arm length.
  • Auto reverse function
  • Green/Red light output(optional  up&down limit output)
  • Auto delay close time setting(0-6sec)
  • RS485 communication(Optional)
  • Arm detection
  • NO sensor
  • Matainence free
  • Nice looking
  • Functions customations available

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