SUNFRE DC motorized barrier gate in Indian highway!!

Great News!!

0.6sec high speed barrier used in Indian highway!! Sunfre produced!


  • Long durable, life time more than 10 million time
  • Planet gear box, which is veryp precisely,  make it open and close very stable, No attenuation after long usage
  • Fast, fastest 0.6sec, 2sec for 6m arm open
  • Adjustable, speed can be adjsuted from 0.6sec to 6sec according to different arm length.
  • Auto reverse function
  • Green/Red light output(optional  up&down limit output)
  • Auto delay close time setting(0-6sec)
  • RS485 communication(Optional)
  • Arm detection
  • NO sensor
  • Matainence free
  • Nice looking
  • Functions customations available




SUNFRE high speed barrier gate, which is servo motorized, speed can be adjusted from 0.6sec to 6sec, max arm length 6meters.

Exported to Indian, Indonesia, Korean, Malasia,Canada, USA, Nigeria already, if you want to find our local agent, pls feel free to contact us.


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