Access Gate for Handicap&disabled people

Access Gate for Handicap&disabled people



Swing barrier gate for Handicap Lane(disable people wheelchair lane)

Lane width up to 900mm, flap height up to 1000mm, speed adjustable

Special for handicap people lane pass, for disable people wheelchair passage. Low running speed, small forced to autoreverse.


SFIB-201 which usually used in conjunction with turnstiles, pedestrian security gates are designed to provide authorized access to the handicap and disabled or delivery carts and dollies .

SFIB-201 offers a solution which can secure disabled access or access to wheelchairs and carts in a limited space. This simple access gate consists of a stainless steel column with a single glass/Acrylic barrier that can be operated by an access control system such as a card reader or biometric device or from a nearby reception or security desk.

SFIB-201 is available with different height glass barriers to increase the level of security. Its design complements our range of Turnstile and Barriers. It is therefore very suitable as disabled access in combination with a bank ofadvanced secured entry solutions.


Compared to traditional swing barrier, our barrier are anti-crash, when passenger try to push arm to pass without authorized, arm will auto lock in a degrees to prevent anti-crash and then auto back to correct position automatically.

Compared to tripod turnstile and flap barrier, swing barrier allows widest opening clearance, SFIB-201 only takes up minimum space from limited space. If used in pairs, the passage lane can up to 1820mm(including 20mm clearance).

3 Highest Flap
With a very smooth and quiet motorized drive mechanism, swing gates feature a 180 degree swing, allowing for bi-directional use. These gates can be designed with a glass panel or steel frame, with barrier heights available up to 1800mm tall.

Our Swing Barrier allows you to set the opening and closing speed according to requirements. When the arm/flap too wide, you can adjust the speed a little slow.

Access Reader or Push button can be used to trigger the swing barrier to open via a simply dry contact signal. After delay timer elapsed, Swing barrier will close automatically by itself in a certain time(this time can be set from 3-60 seconds).

Pedestrian gate that allows for the easy passage of people requiring assistance, users, deliveries and visitors.

Our swing barrier control board has an emergency interface left for the emergency signal. Barrier will open in case of the signal lasting.

During power failure, swing arm can be pushed away easily for free pass through. This will fast escape in the event of emergency. When power resume, swing barrier will automatically close.


Description Parameters
Power AC100~250V, 50/60Hz,40W
Rotating angle 180 degrees
Housing dimension & material Φ168*1050mm

#304,Stainless steel, 2.0mm

Passing Speed 15-20 person/min
Input signals 100ms<Pulse <3s
Temperature -25℃-70℃
Communication RS485
Relative Humidity <95%, No Densation


handicap lane swing barrier gate

handicap lane swing barrier gate



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