Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

$ 6,500.00



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Detailed Product Description
Wing barrier turnstile Gate 
steady precise durable silent 
access control 
traffic control heavy duty 
Flap Barrier 

 Flap Barrier Wing Barrier Turnstile Gate

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1. Operation:

[1]   Two directions controlled / One direction controlled

[2]   LED direction indication

[3]   Flowing speed:

50 persons / minute in the opening mode.

35 persons / minute in the closing mode.

[4]   Illegal invasion sound alarm.

[5]   Anti-strike function

[6]   Keep open when the power off.

Functions & Features: 

  1. The metal house is shaped by high quality 304# stainless steel, with the trait of firmness, antirust, daintiness, safety, easy cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Machinery and electrical integration design
  3. Interface for variety of card reader: such as: IC / ID card readers, bar codes, fingerprints, etc.
  4.  Auto reset function. If the passenger does not pass the way in the valid time, the system will lock up again. The valid passing time is 5 seconds.
  5. Arms automatically open when power off, and auto-close when power on
  6. Fault self-checking function, easy for using and maintenance
  7. Through the interior buttons of the main control panel to set the operational status of equipment
  8. Infrared anti-clamping function, by entering obstacles while return ,arm will automatically reset or stop working within the required time with little force
  9. Sound & light alarm function, automatic alarm in case of illegal entering
  10.  LED Direction-Indicator
  11. Interface for passage number counter (optional)
  12. Phonation indicator (optional)
  13. The machine can be used indoors and outdoors


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