Single(Channel) Loop Detector (SFLP102)

Single(Channel) Loop Detector (SFLP102)


Single Loop Detector Model SFLP102

loop detector, vehicle loop detector, inductive loop detector, metal detector, long vehicle detector, high sensitive loop detector


High temperature stability, used in kinds of environment

Environment drifting compensate automatically

Multilevel lightning protection

With function of sensing loop malfunction automatically (disconnection or cutting-out)

Cooperate with barrier gate to realize vehicle anti-hit and automatic close function


Power Supply: 220VAC、110VAC、24V/DC、12VDC/AC(Optionaland details as sticker on products)

Rated power: 4.5W

Output Mode: relayoutput

Operating Temperature: -30to 70

Operating Frequency:20KHz to 170KHz

Installation: DIN leadrail

Reaction Time: 10ms(fastest)


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